What is Power BI?

Its an excellent tool for Data Visualization!

Power BI is YOUR Business Intelligence

Highly Customizable to where Nothing is Impossible!

Excellent Data Presentation

With 100s of Data Visualizations and customizable formulas, its easy to create exactly what you want to see!


Integrated Data Security

Built-In Row Level Security ensures every User is data-limited to see and access only the data they are intended to use. Easy and Secure!


Easy Data Updating

Power BI has dozens of Data Connection options, linking directly to your data sources for automatic and routine data updating!

Powerful insights to help grow your business.

Reports let you easily track and analyze your product sales, orders, & more!

The ability to see what impacts your company, where to allocate funding, or where to emphasize efforts can make the difference between accelerated growth and static progress. Power Business Intelligence (B.I.) is designed to provide exceptional insight to what matters to you the most.

When combined with our Data Lake, your insights grow exponentially by adding the power of World Wide Data alongside your companies' data. Understanding what impacts your company externally can enable better timing, impact, and ROI! Imagine optimizing your operations by leveraging World Wide Data!

Advanced Comparisons and Statistics

Greater Decisions are made with Greater Insight!

Our partners often take multi-targeted approaches to Marketing, Sales, and many other business needs. Seeing where to allocate funds and efforts help to maximize potential, and minimize expenses in areas that are less effective. While always running on a fixed budget, our partners are empowered to succeed by ensuring it is spent efficiently.

Beyond Revenue and Expenses, understanding your community, target market, and the focuses of your prospective clients can help shape your company to becoming their "Ideal Company"! Our Data Lake and its World Wide Data provides such insights, enabling you to gain insights within while gaining insights externally!

Power BI is within reach for YOUR business!

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Building Your BI ToolExactly the way you want it!

Our streamlined Power BI Tool Building makes the creation of YOUR BI Tool easy, fast, and with a focus of avoiding the typical headache!

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Why choose Us?

Pricing Your BI ToolTransparency is Key!

Customizing your BI is paired with transparent pricing, ensuring there are no suprises! Our Easy Pricing Model makes planning a breeze, on Budget!

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Why choose Us?

Our In-House Success PlansPay Over Time at 0% Interest!

We Succeed Together, starting with getting the tools of success to you when it matters most: Right NOW, not when your already super successful!

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