DLM - About Our Team

We're a Small Team of Dedicated Specialists

A Team that brings Values and Ethics before Profits

Data Lake Masters is not a company built on the premise of "striking it rich", but rather on the principals that we should all Succeed Together. Our DLM Team strives to provide Community Impact equal to Client Impact, while still taking care of our personal lives, families, and freinds with a rewarding life balance. Many companies promise tight deadlines, where we promise that our team is genuinely happy to help you because we love what we do.

Our Founding Individuals

Tyler Rouse Founder, Software Engineer, Army Combat Veteran

Forged in Army disciplines, ethics, and morals, Tyler strives to create positive impact wherever he is, often lending more time to others than working. For DLM, Tyler develops all DLM Software, Client Tools, and Web Portal items.

Tyler is driven by Opprotunities for Positive Impact.

Brian Calvi Founder, Business and Marketing Development Specialist

A family man and an avid entrepreneur, Brian seeks to find the best ways to advance his familys bright future while finding wholesome joy in helping others. For DLM, Brian provides organizational logistics, Partner/Client relations, and Brand Marketing management.

Brian is driven by his Family and Helping Others.

Cyric Enright Founder, Data Systems Engineer

As laid back as he is brilliant, Cyric brings complex solutions to the rescue while making it look like it was obvious the whole time. For DLM, Cyric provides all initial setup, mangement, and scale planning for our Data Systems.

Cyric is driven by Profesional Growth, Mentoring, and Community Impact.