DLM - Data Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing based on Update Interval

Finally, Flat Rate and Transparent Data Pricing!

We try to keep everything simple and effective. Our Data Pricing is no exception, where we price each Data Perspective simply by Data Update Interval. As it requires more resources to refresh Daily than Annually, our pricing reflects the same trend, being more expensive when refreshed Daily, and less expensive when refreshed Annually with varying flat-rate pricing inbetween.

Update Interval Pricing


Data Reflects Daily Intervals


Data Reflects Weekly Intervals


Data Reflects Monthly Intervals


Data Reflects Quarterly Intervals


Data Reflects Annual Intervals

One-Time Data is Available upon request, Billed Practically.

Not every client will need data routinely, but may need it for other purposes such as Research, Historical Data Analysis, or a varietyy of other needs. We do provide Custom Data Perspectives without a routine data delivery, billed based on the time range of data included, and the granularity (if the data is Monthly, Daily, etc). Static Data (such as static Company Data, is billed at $0.01 per row. ). Most clients will recieve a Custom Data Perspective at the prices listed above, as Data is typically a "Over-Time" pursuit.

For All your Data Needs, even Custom Data!

Special Considerations apply Special Discounts

We provide a series of discounts to help enable our Community Impact goals!

10% Discounts for Educational and Research Institutions, and for Data being added to a DLM produced BI Tool

15% Discounts for Fire, EMS, and Police Organizations as well as Veteran Owned and Operated Companies (Thank you for your service!)

20% discount for Military and Military Veteran Organizations.

Community Impact is essential to a DLM Goals!

Data Is FREE for Non-Profit Organizations 501(c)!

We are always seeking to make an impact within our communities, and we are always looking for Non-Profits to use our Data for FREE! We hope that the data we provide assists these great nonprofits in reaching greater goals, creating more amazing impact, and facilitate their missions to impact our community. We do require the Ninprofits to be a active 501(c) organization, and receipt for FMV for all data provided, but NO COST or invoicing, ever! Reach out to us and let us know what we can assit with, and we will be happy to facilitate.

Our Community Impact is critical to our Team Mission!