DLM - Data Lake Advantages

Our Data Value Continues To Grow

Growing a Data Lake Grows its Advantages

As our Data Lake continues to accrue more data from distant data sources and focus areas, its ability to be used for deeper, more detailed insights and perspectives becomes a compounding benefit for us and our partners alike. The ability to compare your company against dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of metrics over industries and time alike, brings opprotunity to fine tune every aspect of your companys operations.

Data Gathered is Catalogued by NAICS Code, Locations, and Names

Our Data Lake contains data from very distant sources, but all carry inherent relationships when linked by Address, Location, Names, and even using NAICS information (called Key Identifiers) to properly catalog, maintain, and link data together. When using "Competing Company Data" in your Data Perspective, the secondary focuses are matched by these Key Identifiers. As An example, linking Real Estate, Secretary of State Data, and Reviews Data for any given Company can be linked by using Company Name and Address.

Consider the "6th Degree of Separation" for Data!

Our Data Lake Source List Grows All Day, Every Day

We add new sources to our Data Lake each and every day (well, not weekends) to ensure that our Data Lake continues to grow. As we add each new source, the collection and addition of the data into the Data Lake is automated from its first creation. This means each update is automatic, and automated. We are collecting new data around the clock, and always growing our storage abilities! Our Sources are comprised of Structured Data that is collected ethically and legally, with minimal impact as our collection focus.

Our Automation keeps us Integrating new sources without "drag"

Data Is FREE for Non-Profit Organizations 501(c)!

We are always seeking to make an impact within our communities, and we are always looking for Non-Profits to use our Data for FREE! We hope that the data we provide assists these great nonprofits in reaching greater goals, creating more amazing impact, and facilitate their missions to impact our community. We do require the Ninprofits to be a active 501(c) organization, and receipt for FMV for all data provided, but NO COST or invoicing, ever! Reach out to us and let us know what we can assit with, and we will be happy to facilitate.

Our Community Impact is critical to our Team Mission!