Our Ethics at DLM

Our Values and Ethics are the basis of maintaining our Partnerships

DLM places Principals and Values First.

Our Company is Veteran Owned and Operated by a Army Combat Veteran that has deployed to Iraq (OIF) and Afghanistan (OEF), attributing a strong basis for disciplines, ethics, values, and principals founded in military service. These are brought into Data Lake Masters by ensuring profits are never the first concern and that we always seek equal benefit with our partners. This is conveyed in our Pricing, Success Plans, and the desire for our clients to succeed by owning their BI Tools. In our Data Collection, our methods are based in our ethics, having concern for End-Point Impact, always limiting our collection to forward facing resources, and prioritizing Pre-Assembled Data. At the end of each day, our team is most concerned with being able to see themselves as upstanding contributing memebers of our society, which is only possible by ensuring every action is fair, equivocal, and ethical.


  • Loyalty to our Clients and their Success
  • Equality in Mutual Mission Focus
  • Accountability in our Transparency and Fairness
  • Duty in our Agreements and Responsibilities
  • Excellence in Service and Product Delivery
  • Respect for Ourselves and Our Clients Equally
  • Selfless Service in Community Impact Goals
  • Honor in Upholding Ethics, Values, and Principals
  • Integriy in our Communication and Expectations
  • Personal Courage in Ourselves to Overcome Challenges

How We Impliment Our Ethics

  • Transparency in Pricing with Flat Rates
  • Success Plans to jumpstart our Clients with BI Tools
  • Variable, Scalable BI Management to Minimize Client Costs
  • Enabling/Encouraging Client BI Tool Ownership
  • Pick and Choose Services (No Pre-Bundling)
  • Streamlined Processes to Reduce Overhead (Minimize Client Costs)
  • Pick and Choose Services (No Pre-Bundling)
  • Accountability streamlines BI Tool Building and Delivery
  • Ethical Data Sourcing for Data Lake growth
  • Accountability in Data Accuracy and Viability Scoring
  • FREE Non-Profit (501(c)3 Data Lake Access
  • Reduced Product Costs for Government, Veteran Companies
  • Unyielding in adherence to our Ethics, Morals & Principals

We Encourage Open Communication

Consistent, Open communication is a cornerstone of our Development and Client Relationship. Being In-The-Know reduces frustration, stress, and anxiety in any relationship, and we aim to provide excellence by developing and maintaining communication lines and product delivery. For Data Products, having our Data Delivery Automated creates a reliable, consistent data delivery experience that removes the human error component of routine tasks.

Flat Pricing to Eliminate Suprises

Nothing is more frustrating than a project that "balloons" in costs, despite having a pre-defined agreement. All of our development is Flat-Rate, with No Extra Fees, No Interest on Success Plan Payments, and Our Pricing is transparent using our BI Tool Calculator, BI Management Calculator, or Data Product Calculator. Know your pricing without having to talk to anyone (but ofcourse reach out if you have any questions!)

Pride in our Work = Pride in Ourselves

We associate every action we commit ourselves to as a testament to who we are as people. When taking on a task, we ensure we complete it to the best of our ability everytime as a way of building our own pride in our accomplishments. At the end of each day, it is important for us to know that we honored our commitments, excelled expectations, and did the best we could with everything we faced.