Welcome to a Fair Service IT Company.

We strive to meet our client goals with an emphasis on Automation to keep our pricing as low as possible.

Custom Development

Our Mission mirrors our Client Goals, ensuring that our custom projects meet every need. This challenge inspires motivation!

Visualizing Data

Using Power BI, consistently see trends in your data, important key points, and identifying issues easily.

Automation is Key

Our Automation focus reduces Overhead Costs, keeping our pricing low and our efficiency streamlined.

Building Partnerships

We succeed WITH our clients, ensuring fairness in service and pricing, and motivating us to help you succeed.

Impact Focus

Our Teams focus is on creating Impact, not generating Profit. Keep more of your money, as we show where your data can make/save you more.

Endless Possibilities

Complete control on each & every project element that provides endless customization possibilities.


Business Intelligence Made Easier

Available on PC, Mac, Tablet, or Mobile!

We keep it easy, enabling you to OWN your BI Tools with flat pricing based on complexity and number of Pages/Layers. We don't stop our development until your BI Tool is exactly what you like, ensuring your product meets every one of your needs. Our Success Plans enable you to order and use your BI Tool now, while paying over time with 0% interest, up to 2 years!

Experience the Power BI - DLM Difference What Is Power BI?

Data Intelligence Made Greater

Our Data Lake is intended to Enhance Your Data

Our Data Lake is intended to gather information from all industries with varying perspectives, which can be added to a BI Tool or used standalone. This Data Lake provides insight to your Data and Impactful Trends which help to create a larger perspective, and assess external influences on your performance metrics. Be in the know, by knowing it all!

Collecting Our Data Data Lake Advantages
Data Lake

Business WIth Ethics

We are founded on our Ethics, Morals, Principals, and Standards based on Military LDRSHIP concepts. This ensures that all of our efforts are based in the pursuit of "Succeeding Together". Our methods are designed for mutual success, reflected in our pricing, service, and value we provide to our partners.

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Own Your Future

We believe that all products have a total value, which we assign up front. We do NOT want our clients to pay forever, and when your BI Tool is paid in full, you own this tool! While BI management is always encouraged, it is strictly optional, giving you the freedom and options you need to succeed while only paying for what you need!

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Your BI Data + World Wide Data

Our unique dual-approach to Building Data and Collecting Public Data gives our partners the ability to see "outside the box". Pairing data such as Economic, Social, Political, and even Competing Company Data can provide a detailed perspective with clarity helping you make more informed decisions!

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